A sound that exists somewhere between the deserts of New Mexico and the rings of Saturn.”

Chuck schiele's quatro

Chuck Schiele's Quatro at 443 Social Club & Lounge

Chuck Schiele's Quatro at the 443 Social Club & Lounge.

Chuck Schiele's Quatro at 442 Social club & Lounge

The Quatro in flight.

4 perfectly aligned misfits

Chuck Schiele: songs, guitar, vocals
Heather Kubacki: cello, vocals 
George Newton: pedal steel, vocals 
John Dancks: double bass 

Chuck Schiele's Quatro is a brand-new sound that exists somewhere between the deserts of New Mexico and the rings of Saturn. It's exotic and unlikely yet familiar. It is beautiful yet haunting. Chuck Schiele writes songs about God, sex, politics and uses alternate-tunings to arrange them... rock, Americana, with an emphasis on whatever..... A hallmark feature of the group is their effortless approach to vocal harmony. Add the otherworldly pedal steel genius of George Newton; the classical moves and motions of cellist Heather Kubacki ; and the double bass virtuosity of John Dancks —and the mix becomes less of a set of music and more of a ride.


inception of the quatro

The group formed organically by way of 4 people sort of crossing paths in time. Schiele and Dancks were already working together in the group Salt City Chill and other spinoffs of the group. John Dancks (SAMMY Hall-of-Famer) and George Newton are both long time members of the Central New York scene. But, they only managed to start playing together, recently — and now especially that they've become major factors in the unique Quatro sound.

Professor Schiele met student Heather Kubacki while teaching digital art as an adjunct professor at Cazenovia College. (She earned an "A!"). A few years later over a "let's-catch-up business lunch visit, Kubacki informed Schiele of her cello ability and was recruited into the unlikely mix, making the Quatro complete. She also sings, offering a beautiful edge too the group's harmony element—while fast becoming a compelling, jaw-dropping lead.

setting The Quatro in Motion

Chuck Schiele's Quatro made it's live debut on June 24, 2019 at the 443 Social Club & Lounge to a standing-room-only turnout. The group's spirited shows are equal parts: energetic, weird and elegant.

In November of 2019 The Quatro made it's first radio appearance with Dave Frisina on Soundcheck on www.Rebel Radio.com and then their television debut on Bridge Street-ABC-9, where they played Schiele's original composition, "Astronaut." At the conclusion of the take, the group was asked by the delighted crew if they had any Christmas tunes.... and the Quatro did. And with the unforeseen opportunity played, Schiele's, "Merry Christmas, Baby!" which was included in the stations Holiday programming.

The group made it's recording debut with their release of Chuck Schiele's Quatro, 4.1, a three-song EP, featuring original works "Sixteen Seconds," "Velvet," and "One Wish." The self-produced collection catches the group in the formative incubation of their unique sound development.

the passion and persistence of the quatro

The Quatro persisted through the lock-down of the Covid era. Among other things, they performed a private outdoor concert which was both recorded in both video and audio. George Newton recorded the audio. Juan Junco directed a 7-camera video production, and Chuck mixed it. The group is releasing the more than 20 song set —, one song at at time — as a way of enduring  social-distancing's effect on the world entertainment culture.

With the turn of 2021 the group is underway with already another recording project at Subcat Studios, with engineer, Ron Keck. The "Subcat Sessions" is scheduled for an ambitious release in the summer of 2021.


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