The Time We Met Spock!

My Dad is  a career pilot.

Back in the day, while moving up in the professional aviation world, he decided to spend a Saturday off helping his pal, Mike, who was coming along with his own piloting development. The two…

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My Extremely Refreshing Drink with Todd Rundgren

I was in a group called Modern Peasants through the last half of the 90's. Terrific group [ Jm Earp, Kevin Irvin, Andrea Altona, Bastos Moenho, Eileen Marie, Dan Allmann and myself ]. Our manager Meredith had us talking with…

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Staring Into the Eyes of a Wild Animal 


A few years back, I was visiting Yosemite National Park in California. The valley. I used to go there quite a bit, which redefined the way I use the word "awesome."

One morning, I got up early. It was still…

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